Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter 09

On Saturday we went to Riverfront Park for the annual Cottonwood Easter hunt. It was roped into sections and each section got a turn to go for the candy and prizes. It was extremely cold and rainy, but not many people showed up so we received a ton of candy!
Here we are waiting for Ryan to start.
It took him awhile to figure out what he was suppose to do.
He just wanted to sit down and eat the candy off the grass!
The 3 and 4 year olds had the entire baseball field.
Sean is clear in the back- you can sort of see Shiloh
Sean refused to participate until I walked out there with him and he saw candy.
Emma ran as fast as she could out there, and looked for specific candy she liked! Then after about 20 pieces said, "Mom I think this enough I don't want to get sick!"
Was I the only mother out there encouraging their kids to get "more candy!"
When we got home everyone warmed up in front of a movie! Then after a short nap
we went to our ward Easter party which because of the weather was moved into the church!
This is what the Easter Bunny left this year.

Here is our home Easter egg hunt!

We lost our Baskets yesterday and so Shiloh ran and bought new one's at 11:00 Saturday night.

It was a fun Easter


These things are so much fun!

Do you see Sean's tongue!

Hope your Easter was good.