Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Major Goal Accomplished

Just thought that I would show off what I accomplished this weekend! I made 104 cupcakes and a wedding cake for a friend in my ward. In High School I had a teacher who made us write down 100 goals to fulfill in our lifetime. I never did figure out a hundred but among getting married in the temple and sky diving I included: make a wedding cake for someone. I grew up watching my mother make them and loved to watch her and she always seemed to love it- so it was desirable to me!! I was able to cross this off my list today!! Yeah (It was way too stressful though- ha!)
Here are the Cupcakes:
Here is the cake
Made the day our air conditioner kicked the can and it decided to rain all day!
(The first time since the beginning of June!)
Transporting the Cake
Remember it's in the rain, and through flooded AZ streets!
Final Construction
It was originally going to be outside, but the rain brought it in!
Grooms mother, "I love it, I love it, I love it!"
I knew all the flaws, and felt bad- but it seemed to be a hit.
Part of me wants to do this again just to improve what I did-
I learned so much! Not for awhile though :)