Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Emma successfully read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, and to celebrate we made exactly that for dinner! She was one proud girl!! Reading sure does open a whole new world to kids and it is such a blessing to watch her grow and desire that knowledge- Keep it up Emma!!
You know you are in need of some entertainment when you hire "Stanley Steemer" to clean your carpets and your kids are so excited they sit on the counter to watch. Sean asked the poor guy a million questions including "Where is your servant? You don't have one?"
After camping in a four man tent for 9 years- we finally decided that we needed to upgrade. I'm no dummy and so I wanted a tent with lots of room so I bought this 3 room 10 man tent so that we may all sleep peacefully. Hehe- the kids just love it!

Making Cookies

One day we decided to make cookies. There are too many of us now to just pull up chairs to the counter. So I got out a large orange extension cord so that my Kitchen Aid could reach the table. We then proceed to have a ton of fun resulting in a large mess and some really yummy cookies.
Here are my cute little chefs!
The ingredients
Seans favorite part
Ryan has one of the longest tongues I have ever seen!

One proud moment!

She is intentionally showing off her teeth! She is missing quite a few and the new ones have no room to come in. Poor thing is a definite candidate for braces!

Summer Swimming

When you live in Arizona one way to cool down is to jump into a cool pool. Now the people watching on the sidelines a.k.a. Mom and Ryan just melted. Emma and Sean survived four straight weeks of Swim Lessons at the Cottonwood Aquatic Center. Sean hit a bump in the road around week 2 and didn't want to go anymore, but when the next session began with his friend Ryland Sorenson his attitude quickly changed! Emma finally gained the courage and ability to become a fish this summer. She has grown in confidence and started to trust the lifeguards enough to actually learn. Sean has started to enjoy the water, he is still hesitant but is more willing to go in for awhile. Ryan on the other hand is a Sean of two years ago- "Don't even put me near that water!"
Sean passing his "guppy" class- Good Job Sean!

Smile for the camera!

Emma before the 5 second "bob"

The actual "BOB" in the deep end!

Ryan with his constant "GO Mom GO"

Emma and Sean's final day of swim lessons

One reason for Emma's success this summer! Sterling

Must it always come down to boys :)

Sean's 4th Birthday

June 23rd, 2009
Today Sean happily turned 4 years old! He woke up to presents and recieved tons of Transformer stuff. Then went to swim lessons and preceeded to tell everyone how he was a big boy now! That evening we invited the Evan's to join us at Vinnies Pizza for a small birthday party. Him and Will are good friends.
We are very grateful to have Sean in our family, he is tenderhearted and very quick to smile and make others happy. He enjoys dressing up, playing with transformers, wearing cowboy boots, eating poptarts, watching movies and asking tons of questions!
A very excited birthday boy- he loved all the wrapping paper!
Opening gifts very quickly! Loving the musical cards! Both Clone Wars and Transformer ones!
Grand Finally of "Better Batter Baseball"
All the loot- Thanks to everyone who made his birthday wonderful!!
We found Ryan outside with a gift trying to open it up with his toy tools!
Ryan, Faith, Emma, Sean and Will
Why have a party at home when you can go somewhere else and have them clean up.
Bill and Kirsta Evans with daughter Ivy
They really made Sean's day coming to dinner and giving him the cool cage truck!