Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sean's Joyschool Graduation

For half of the year I put Sean into a mothers joyschool. Sean was in class with:
  • Spencer Kerr (Becky)
  • Issac Reynolds (Becky)
  • Addison Steinert (Denise)
  • Makena Bliss (Katie)
  • Ryland Sorenson (Alicia)

It was a very successful time and Sean really enjoyed every moment!

We had an end of the year party at our home Monday night. All in all we had 16 kids and 10 adults outback. Thankfully it was overcast and perfect weather! It was a bring your own pizza and a side to share.

Here is Alicia congratulating everyone and handing out awards!

Here is Sean receiving his certificate!

(At least I was smart enough to take his shirt off!)

Emma's Sixth Birthday

For Emma's birthday this year she wanted her own bedroom where her "smelly and annoying little brothers" could leave her alone. Her wish was granted and after many hours of sanding, painting, shopping, and building this was her resulting wish. Happy Birthday Emma!!
I bought this new bed online at a clearance store, and Emma picked out the paint on the walls. With some persuasion from mom the result turned out good and not a vibrant eye shocker of fluorescent purple and pinkI bought the desk and hutch at a yard sale for 30 dollars, and after some major TLC new hardware, sanding and painting it looks beautiful.We wanted to buy her a matching dresser, but realized the birthday money was gone. So I took her dresser (which I grew up with as well as my Dad) and renailed, sanded, repainted and added some new knobs. I believe we will be able to get a few more years out of it if we don't move it too much. All the accessories and wall hangings were hers before. After being locked out for two weeks she was very thrilled to enter her new room and play! Plus all the presents from grandparents and aunts were in there. What a wonderful joy Emma is in our lives and I wish her all the fun and happiness in the world this coming year! Yep she wanted a princess cake again along with her steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob!

Father and Sons Campout

Shiloh took both boys, dutch ovens, and the van to the annual Father and Sons camp out. Notice I didn't say tent because Shiloh thought it would work better if they slept in the van. After staying up late, smelling like smoke, getting sunburns and sprained ankles, and who knows what else went on (I really don't want to know either!) they came home. Promptly had baths and fell into a deep slumber for almost 3 solid hours.
We also had a "champion" pose contest and here are the winners!!

Emma's Missing Front Teeth

Ohhhhh the memories of missing your front two teeth. She has a cute little whistle to her speech and its entertaining to watch her eat an apple or ear of corn. Yet her other teeth are slowly inching their way in and looking beautiful too!!
By the way these are self portraits because I was being too slow in taking her picture.
This is Ryan helping me remodel Emma's birthday bedroom. It totally wore him out!
Ryan actually got into the car and buckled himself up and was ready to go before I made it to the garage!

A goofy Day in May

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brian Mickelson Race

I DID IT! My first race in almost a decade! No I did not run the Marathon or the 10k, I didn't even run a 5k. Yet the two mile fun run/walk was quite a wake up call. I convinced my friend Alicia to run it with me, and we were pumped right before the race. The best part of the race was having Shiloh, Emma, Sean and Ryan to cheer me on near the finish line. Then we proceeded to cheer all of the people we knew in the other longer races! Wooo hoooo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Verde Valley Fair 2009

Read to Ride; in other words read 6 books and you get into the fair and you get to ride 3 rides for free. How awesome is that! So Emma went with her elementary school and I took the little joyschool that I was in charge of today. Lucky for me half the class was missing (I didn't realize I was lucky until after the event, because they wore me out!)
Here is Ryland, Sean, Ryan and Makena
with me in the back (Seans attempt at a funny face!)
Thanks goes out to Sister Pat Howard for taking the picture!
Sean finally getting up the nerve to pet a goat.
Yes it was over 90 degrees and he's wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.
I tried to be a good mother and get him to change but after a fight decided it wasn't worth it!
Ryland and some of Makena petting a goat.
Ryan pestering the baby goat that was trying to sleep
I just laughed We saw pigs, cows, goats, bunnies, turkeys, and lots of poop!
Towards the end they were getting hot and tired and so we took a minute to relax. This is the best way to relax at the fair!
Next we moved onto our 3 rides.
Sean and Makena were dare devils and rode the roller coaster together. They both loved it a lot!
Next we ran into Emma and her school- which was a real treat.
So Ryland, Makena and Sean rode the spinning dragons
Next they all wanted to be truckers! Including sweet Makena!
Sean was in heaven with the thumbs up Ryland was all grins because he was the lead truck!
Rylands final ride!
Then I got to hear how they all wanted to ride a ton more, and I politely told them no.
By the time I dropped them off at their homes they were either asleep or pretty close to it!
It was fun to watch their excitement especially when a cow actually moooooooooed!

Newspaper Ryan

Ryan made it into the city paper for the Easter egg hunt!
We have a future paper star :) If only they could get his name right! PS: Those are my great legs behind Logan-