Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Babblings

Here are some random pictures that I have taken in the past few months that I thought would be fun to throw together! I know that they always make me smile- so hopefully it's not a "had to be there" type of post!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Spring Break Surprise

Emma has been asking to learn the piano, and with my mothers words still haunting my ears "one day you will regret it (quitting!)" The regret has now successfully surfaced, the yearning to hear the music in my home, and with Emmas desire Shiloh and I decided to buy a cheap but good piano. I've actually been looking for awhile, with no success. Then one day my friend Desiree McDowell called and the next thing I knew we were signed up for lessons and practicing at the church. (Cool little privilege of bearing the church keys!)
We earnestly started looking for a piano, and bought one on Wednesday from a little piano store in Phoenix who delivered it and tuned it for ONLY $50. It is a Acrosonic Baldwin Piano, and a perfect fit for my family. I didn't want anything that was new because I didn't want the stress with the little kids, yet I did want it to sound good. For Example: we had the piano for less than an hour and the bench got tipped over and one of the peddles scratched the top seat part and honestly it looks like a new scratch but it blends in nicely with the rest. Yet it is strong and sounds beautifully- and we have been practicing a lot the past 24 hours.
  • Emma gets so excited each week to go to Piano lessons and was the first one to sit at the piano with her piano book and start practicing and counting.
  • A really neat thing is Sean sat down at the piano and started playing with all his fingers no problem at all, he has always been musically smart so it will be interesting to see how his little piano career goes!
  • Ryan just loves banging away at the keys until Mom has enough and shuts the top.

PS: I was going to name this post "Newest Hoggard Addition," but decided that might be too much for some people. Although I thought it was funny. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Montezuma's Castle, Well and Petroglyphs

On Monday, the first official day of Spring Break, I packed up the kids and headed out to some popular sites in the area. Sad that it took me four years of living here to finally go and see these beautiful sites. First we went to Montezuma's Castle, where the Sinagua Indians lived 700 years ago, the kids were amazed at how they lived and all the little areas of ancient life, but I couldn't make them understand how long ago it really was.

Here we are resting after a short hike, it is an easy hike for anyone who wants to go

Here is a close up of what is left of the castle, the front half or more is all missing

The kids are standing where the common Sinagua lived, and Emma proudly told us how they would grind corn (she learned about it in school- it was a proud moment for a mother!)

Next we went to Montezuma's Well, which is a natural spring with pretty warm water. It was a beautiful area- and quite a little hike, but we took water and snacks with us.

Here is a rest stop after a lot of stairs!

Here is Emma at one of the spring exits and canals that would irrigate farms- made by the Sinagua. We were surrounded by giant beautiful trees and we could see fish and turtles swimming in the water. It was so calm and beautiful.

Last we went to V-V Ranch home of many petroglyphs. This is a long flat hike which Ryan did in style. Here one of the park rangers gave my kids a paper with examples on it that they had to locate. It was a very fun game. Emma took this picture to prove that I really did take my kids and that Ryan was in tow!

There were so many- this wall is just amazing. From this wall they found a beautiful butterfly woman and that is why they believe the Sinagua might be the ancestors of the Hopi today. COOL! Can you tell I love history- oh yeah!

Getting ready to head back~ and take naps in the car.

PS- The entire round trip was only 56 miles- all this so close to me meaning-- all of you have another reason to come and visit!

Emma's lost front tooth

After having an extremely wiggly tooth, and a mother who was too squirmy to just pull it- Emma finally lost her front tooth. #3- what a trooper and on the first day of spring break! Now if the wiggly one next to it would just fall out. I will be honest I was nervous as to whether or not they would fall out normal because they both had been capped and had "root canals." I'm relieved that all is well!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My First Ticket!

I made it 14 years, 8 months, and 20 days and three car accidents without getting a ticket. Those STUPID camera police got me last week! The worst part was that my Dad was in the car with me! Good grief! At least I can say that I have never been pulled over. I hope that my attorney can get me off! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Huge Group Date

Our family is in a group that each month plans a large activity together. It can include children, such as sledding, or just be couples and then it's a race to get babysitters. This month we met at the church and played Dodgeball, Medic, and Speed. It was a ton of fun, and great desserts at the end. Here are some classic moments caught on film!
So, we got this idea in our head that we could take a funny picture of Shiloh getting hit in the head with a dodgeball. We had to get the timing just right with the flashes and the ball hitting his head. After about 6 attempts we started to get the giggles because Shiloh was getting hit so many times with no successful photo! Finally CJ comes up with a plan of standing really close and throwing at the last second- so we pose. . . . . . . suddenly right as the picture is being snapped a red dodgeball came flying through the air and we got the picture we were hoping for! Thanks to Brett- Shiloh's facial expression is priceless because it is a true hit in the face!

Janae, Alicia and Natalie

Me and Monica- don't ask 'cuz I don't remember!