Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Celebration

I just love pioneer day, even if we don't get the day off and nobody in Arizona has an understanding unless your LDS. We had to wait until Saturday to celebrate, and we had a huge stake event. They had it at a ranch in Montezuma, they had food, games, entertainment, a parade, and a lake. We arrived late and had to get a ride into the ranch because our Odyssey wouldn't make it across the river. (Yeah- it was authentic!)
We had a delicious meal, that even Ryan enjoyed!
This was my contribution: Ozark Mountain Berry Pie!

The kids loved riding on the paddle boats as well as throwing rocks into the lake. Which is where I received my injury- I was making sure nobody got hit with a rock and would you know I got dinged in the elbow- OUCH!!

On Friday night I decided to pull together some pioneer outfits for the parade. I quickly sewed these together and we were able to enjoy the walk with the other kids.

The BIG and CRAZY Bridge!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just plain silliness

I'm just lovin you lots 'n lots I love to play in moms flower beds, can I come in now
One of Emma's uniforms for school

Playgroup And friends

I was in charge of playgroup and we went down to the river and took a group picture to update my old 2005 picture. It wasn't a huge turnout, but it was a lot of fun. Sarah O'donnel and her kids came over to my house after swim lessons today. We played for just a little while. Travis sure is strong to pull all those kids.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monsoon Celebration

We love the monsoon season! We get to go to swim lessons in the morning, play in the afternoon, and watch it rain in the evening. I enjoy watching my kids enjoy a rainstorm, until the lightening gets too close. I enjoy the humidity for a month, and then happy to see it leave. They always end up soaked Yet they have tonz of fun
Even the littlest of them

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

HOLY COW!! This was probably the most intense movie I have ever watched in my life. I normal wouldn't watch this kind of movie, but the whole idea of Batman intrigues me and the story is impressive. I was a bit freaked out, but at the same time I loved this movie and was totally drawn into the plot. If it had gone on any longer I might have had a heart attack. Another exciting aspect of this movie is the fact that I was able to watch the TWILIGHT PREVIEW!!! December 12 I will be at the movie theatre! My next review will be of Brenden Frasier THE MUMMY in two weeks.
**Do not take kids to this movie, use the bathroom before hand, and enjoy the batbike!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boys End of Summer Haircuts

I finally went and got the final haircut of the summer. I decided to cut Ryan's as well because it has many different lengths and an odd cut. When it was all done- Sean looked handsome as always, but I wasn't prepared for Ryan. I cried because I missed his hair and he looked so much older. He really didn't care until he was going to take a nap and didn't have his long hair to hold onto. I might not cut his hair this short ever again- he truly is a longer hair boy.


I have debated for awhile whether or not to make this post, I have decided to post it because it's all about innocence. Ryan loves water and when our hose was on he decided to get a drink. After a good laugh I realized just what kind of germs were probably on that tap. In the second picture Emma and Sterling are such good friends and we hang out a lot (they have even pretended in the past to be married.) The other day we went to the park together and afterwards they walked away holding hands. After a good laugh I thought how sad our youthful innocence doesn't last longer- they were so happy and oblivious to anything around them.

Here is Sterling, Emma, and Sean showing off there city and tunnels!

A sweet reminder of my Powell cousins when I was younger.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pool than Pajama Party

My kids just love the Rigg family, but our schedules rarely allow for our families to get together. Today was one of those off chance days where we were able to spend some time with each other. We went to playgroup at Clarkdale pool (and were the only two who went) it was hard to find, but it was fun when we got there. I left with the boys after an hour and a half and Emma went home with CJ. We met back up around 6:30 for a pajama party we had bacon and pancakes with juice for dinner. We were all in our pj's and just played until 9. They played so well you would've thought that all seven of them were siblings- which would make for a crazy mother! lol The husbands were off bowling with the Young Men/Young Women so we made the best of the evening. On occasion it is so great to be able to talk, laugh, and enjoy life and not stress about all the other things. Sorry no picture- had the camera ready and was just so relaxed that I didn't even think to take one. Next time you can see me in my tweety bird pj's- hehe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movie Review: Prince Caspian

In Elementary school I loved the Narnia books and read them many times. I am just thrilled that they are making the chronicles into movies. I will admit that I am easily entertained but this movie left me wanting more. I sure hope they make a few more. I did wait awhile to go see this for two reasons 1)babysitter issues (not very many) and 2)driving 20 minutes to Sedona can seem a little too far for a movie. It just barely came to our little (stickyshoe) cinema here in Cottonwood which is why we went. I know there was talk for awhile about a Harkins coming here- but I haven't heard anything lately. I wish it would come!! Movies are one of my favorite date night activities- some people might not enjoy them but this Hoggard LOVES THEM!! PS- I am totally pumped for "The Dark Knight"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Church Softball

For the past couple of months I have played Friday night church softball. It has been a BLAST! I will admit that I was not picked for my abilities, I can not catch like Janae or hit like Nicole or throw like Alicia . . . . but I can run :) Anyways Alicia took this picture last night and I just loved it- it shows just how much fun we have.
Alicia Sorensen, Janae Gordon, Nicole Gordon, me, Patti Kinkade

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My friend Nicole (who I grew up with in American Fork) put this comic on her blog. I laughed so hard I had tears. Then I agreed with every single comment people wrote. So I decided that I would share with my friends as well. Thanks for making my day Nicole!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cleaning the Van

After living in a van for 10 days and months of neglect, we decided it was time the Odyssey needed a bath. I pulled all the floor mats out of the car and asked the kids "Who made this mess?" When they responded that they did I then asked, "Who should clean it up?" This was the result- After a bit of hard work I helped out. I then required them to clean windows and car seats too. My car has never looked so good! Thank you Emma and Sean!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jabr Party and Llama Reunion

When we arrived up in West Jordan to Shiloh's Mothers home we discovered that she was going to put the family pet to sleep. So we all said good-bye to Keisha and she left, while she was gone Shiloh and I decided we would surprise her and move the couch in her garage down to the basement (the RC Willey delivery guys refused to do it.) After nearly killing ourselves and putting a giant hole in her wall we decided that we were not helping the situation. After apologizing we ended up taking the basement window out and bringing the couch through the window which worked well. On Friday I went with Marci to water aerobics and nearly killed myself. I realized how uncoordinated I am and how much you hurt afterwards, but like most exercising you feel great when it's over. We then went with Shiloh's sister Angela and her daughter Maya to watch Wall-e, Grandma took Ryan shopping and had a blast. We all loved it!!! We had a big BBQ with family that night, and Shiloh took Emma and Sean to watch fireworks with Angela and Maya. On Saturday we had the Llama reunion. (How do I describe the LLAMAS. Imagine a big group of immature BYU freshmen boys at the dorms, who have remained very close friends for 14 years. They live all over the country and have a loyalty and friendship that some girls would envy. It's an awesome support group- they have all turned out to be lawyers or doctors/dentists or professors. Ask Shiloh how they named their group the llamas.) Shiloh started the day with a round of golf with the guys in Farmington and I took the kids to see Knickers (Hana's horse) and then I brought the kids up for the luncheon and get together. I was excited to see a bunch of the wives again with all their kids! Around 4 all the kids started breaking down and when your outnumbered the party ends pretty quick. We went back to grandma Jabr's house and visited for the rest of the evening.

Seans new birthday outfits (Emma is modeling one too)

July 4th BBQ Sorry there aren't many pictures

We woke up early on Sunday drove to American Fork to pick up snacks and say goodbye and then we drove home. It was an awesome and relaxing vacation! I loved it!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

American Fork Adventure

After the Hoggard reunion we traveled up to American Fork (my hometown) and stayed with my parents. My family has grown big enough that we now take up the two bedrooms in the back of the house, and eat all of my parents food. My kids love the giant swing in the backyard, watching certain movies of theirs, and grandma always has the right treats. On Monday we went to XANGO, the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. I was nervous that my kids would get a little scarred, but they loved every minute of it. The hands on exhibits were so fun that me and grandpa got into it and had other little kids running away. Afterwards we had a wonderful steak dinner made by my father, my sister and her husband also came. It was a lot of fun. On Tuesday Shiloh and I went to the Dentist (this is always a highlight and a must for a family vacation- LOL) and then we also went and did a session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple where we were married. It is terrible that it takes a vacation to get us to the temple- I hate paying a babysitter to watch my kids while I leave for 7 to 8 hours to go to the temple (I know it could be worse and that I shouldn't complain!!) I'm glad they are building a temple closer. On Wednesday we went to Seven Peaks Water Resort for half price for half a day. We figured our kids wouldn't make it a full day, but we were wrong and they were so sad when the park closed. The kids went down all the slides that they were tall enough for- I was soooooo proud! Ryan stayed home with Grandma which made the whole experience much more enjoyable and he enjoyed himself too. After the water park we went to my favorite restaurant BRICK OVEN with Michelle and Aaron. Ohhhhhh yummy! Thursday morning we all slept in and then proceeded to the last leg of our vacation.
Shiloh read all the information about the dinos
We were building dams and rivers with dino's and trees.
Emma started to sing a song very loudly and here are the words
"I love my dam, I love my dam dam dam."
There are real paleontologists in the background.
Which is what I wanted to be in Elementary school.

The kids area was a ball, even the miniture slides

I can't believe I worked here 12 summers ago

I sure don't look the same as the summer of '96

Shiloh was holding Sean and slipped on cement steps. To save Seans life he grabbed the railing and this was the resulting bruise on his arm, his back looked almost as bad. What a sacrificing father- way to go Shi!!