Thursday, December 3, 2009

Raking Leaves in December

Having fun raking leaves with Mom!!
These are the last pictures with our camera, because Ryan dropped it after we were finished.
Sorry there are so many- but it was a nice afternoon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Big Pool

Ok, I had a friend do this online baby pool and it was a blast to participate. So I thought with just over a month to go I would start one up. Click the Expectnet icon on the right and give a guess. The winner will get a prize!! Good Luck. (You can guess more than once too!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Cousin in Law is having a custom giveaway!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

The kids used up almost all the Lego's to build this enormous tower- that actually stood on it's own for a few minutes! Thanks goes out to Dad who helped!!
This year I went all out in the canning department. I canned Peaches, Pears, and Applesauce. Yummy!! Here are a few snapshots of the process. Special thanks goes out to Cindy Kleinman who spent a lot of time with me helping me out! More Thanks goes out to my helpful young men who were all too willing to help! Thanks Sean and Ryan.
Here is Sean grinding up the apples to make the applesauce!
Ryan was a big helper, but did not want his picture taken.
When I bought the pear they were individually wrapped and Ryan unwrapped each and every one. I just had to throw the mess away and it kept him entertained for a long time. :)
I had to let them ripen on my counter for a few days and they were rearranged numerous times by my kids. Ryan being the most organized one.
We went to Cottonwoods first ever Airport Appreciation Day.
We walked around and looked at airplanes, helicopters, and cars for almost two hours, ate some pancakes, and watched some shows. We even had 3 F16s fly over- the kids loved all the excitement.
These were cool fast little planes doing fancy maneuvers Here are some WWII biplanes that flew over 4 times They performed the Missing Man formation- it was awesome to watch!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

YW Activities in Review

So for the 5th Wednesday of September we combine the three wards in our building for one large youth activity. This time I was in charge- so I planned a Scripture Scavenger Hunt. My presidency and I created passports for everyone and they had to go to 7 places to receive a stamp. BUT in order to get a stamp they had to either answer a question or do something. At each station I had a member of the church dress up as a scripture character. Brother Allred went all out with his outfit. It was a very successful evening and everyone seemed to have a ton of fun. It was worth all the effort.
For a combined Young Women's activity the girls wanted to do Karaoke, but I was unable to find a machine and so to improvise we played American Idol on the Wii. It was soooooo fun and silly. Yet hard- it actually let you know if you were on key. We have a few talented girls that were fun to watch, but I have no talent and just had fun with my performance. Here is the grand finally with all of us singing. Ahhhh

Breakfast with CJ and River

I just love spontaneous friends! CJ called up and we went off to breakfast. Here are the two boys hamming it up with their mom's.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Major Goal Accomplished

Just thought that I would show off what I accomplished this weekend! I made 104 cupcakes and a wedding cake for a friend in my ward. In High School I had a teacher who made us write down 100 goals to fulfill in our lifetime. I never did figure out a hundred but among getting married in the temple and sky diving I included: make a wedding cake for someone. I grew up watching my mother make them and loved to watch her and she always seemed to love it- so it was desirable to me!! I was able to cross this off my list today!! Yeah (It was way too stressful though- ha!)
Here are the Cupcakes:
Here is the cake
Made the day our air conditioner kicked the can and it decided to rain all day!
(The first time since the beginning of June!)
Transporting the Cake
Remember it's in the rain, and through flooded AZ streets!
Final Construction
It was originally going to be outside, but the rain brought it in!
Grooms mother, "I love it, I love it, I love it!"
I knew all the flaws, and felt bad- but it seemed to be a hit.
Part of me wants to do this again just to improve what I did-
I learned so much! Not for awhile though :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

True Blue BYU!

A Whole New Clubhouse for the kids!
It might not be perfect- but the kids don't care :)


Urghhhhhhh! Why?!
Yet- Sean was willing to help his Mom because he thought it looked so boring to do all by myself, and he wanted to help his brother not be grounded for the rest of his life. Always something positive right.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

YM/YW Flour Tag

All I can say is- FUN! You put a cup of flour in a knee high nylon and tie it off. Then you play capture the flag or tag (the kids don't care they just want to get "dirty") It was a hoot and as you can see thoroughly amusing for the adults.

Grandpa Hoggard Visit

On Thursday Grandpa jumped on his Harley and drove down to our house. He arrived around 4 and just visited. We enjoyed Shiloh BBQing in the backyard and goofing off , the kids even made him his favorite cookies- sugar cookies. The next morning we packed up some cookies for him and off he went back home.
It was a very fun visit- Thanks Grandpa!

Emma's First Day of First Grade

On August 17th 2009 Emma entered the first grade at American Heritage Academy in Cottonwood, Arizona. She was so thrilled to finally start school again that she woke up at 5:30 got dressed, made her bed and was ready by 6:15. The next two hours were complete torture for her. She was way excited to have Ms. Plapp be her teacher. She did get a "first grade" haircut- I about cried when they chopped 9 inches of hair off- but it is what she wanted. GOOD LUCK EMMA!!!!

Ryan's Second Birthday

Yipee! Ryan turned two. We had doughnuts for breakfast and decorated the house with Mickey Mouse. He was spoiled the whole day with gifts and cards and lots of love from his family. He loved every opportunity to talk on the phone, and we were able to go to triward Elders Quorum BBQ at the lake. He just figured it was a huge birthday party for him and was as happy as ever.

Here are a few snapshots of his wonderful day. We sure love you Ryan!!

Here are his first presents - still being all careful.

By the last he was tearing it up

(We are hopeful of a bed transition soon)

Another very successful present- boys sure love to build and destroy and build. . .

Here is his birthday cake-complete with burning candles!

He had them completely blown out before we had the song sung. Silly kid!

Happy Birthday Ryan Lawrence Hoggard