Thursday, May 21, 2009

Father and Sons Campout

Shiloh took both boys, dutch ovens, and the van to the annual Father and Sons camp out. Notice I didn't say tent because Shiloh thought it would work better if they slept in the van. After staying up late, smelling like smoke, getting sunburns and sprained ankles, and who knows what else went on (I really don't want to know either!) they came home. Promptly had baths and fell into a deep slumber for almost 3 solid hours.
We also had a "champion" pose contest and here are the winners!!


Grandpas Cook said...

Looks like the boys stayed up a little late. Hope they had fun.

Michelle said...

Looks like the camp out must have been a success!

Check out the intensity in Sean's face.

My niece and nephews are just so fun!