Monday, February 9, 2009

What a Trip!

Tonight a good friend of mine, CJ, called me up to see if the kids and I wanted to go to McDonalds for dinner and mini FHE. We met at 5 and were the only one's in there for an hour and a half- it was beautiful. The kids played well together and they ate well. We were starting to think about leaving when this kid showed up- and when he walked in I immediately thought "here comes trouble" BUT if you know me I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

He walks over to Ryan and stares him down, until Ryan came over to me. So I naturally held him and was finishing my conversation with CJ, when suddenly all hell broke loose. I normally don't cuss, but seriously this was as close as I have been. This "bully" as we call him now, had gone up the playplace and started punching and slapping our kids. They were screaming a scared help and crying out in pain. I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my life! I literally ran up the kids playplace and told the kid "You don't ever touch these kids." His face turned pale and he looked about as scared as any child can get; went down the slide and ran out. Meanwhile I start to console my children who had been punched in the gut and private. CJ's had gone down to meet their mom. When I get down, a conversation about bullies became our topic and what to do. CJ's oldest was slapped and had red scratches on her face, while two others suffered gut punches. After calming our kids down and getting our kids into our vans, CJ went and talked to the father who claims this isn't true and his son doesn't have any problems- "WHAT!!!" (When we were leaving the "7" kids knew we were with them and started to taunt the boy by calling him a big bully- good grief. Well at least they know that their momma's got their back :))

Just to let you know my kids are perfectly fine, have learned a good lesson, and probably won't be asking to go to McDonalds anytime soon. What I find funny is when talking about this to CJ after all the kids went to bed, is that apparently all of Mcdonalds heard me tell the kid to not touch our kids and that it was the maddest she has ever heard a mom's voice get. I will admit that my voice sounded rough because I was a little scared and extremely mad, but I had thought that I held back the noise level. Which I'm sure I did, but the decible level was still pretty high. With that knowledge in my mind- why didn't the father come in to get his kid? or even better why didn't he come and ask why a complete stranger is yelling at his child?

It's amazing how much I have realized from this experience. I am very protective over my children and their friends, I can control my anger and yet scare the crap out of someone, and that I can hustle up a playplace extremely fast! LOL- who knew!


Michelle said...

Man, I would have been upset too!

Trezise Momma said...

No one wants to mess with a Momma Bear protecting her cubbies!

Nicole said...

That is awesome! You just earned "Mom of The Year."

Grandpas Cook said...

I'm proud of you Julie.
You must have given him "the look".

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Don;t mess with Julies kids!!! this post is bitter sweet, and it makes me wonder what kind of lifestyle that boy must come from to have such un-aggravated "violence" it is sad. AND I know your kids, they are NOT instigators!

kj said...

Way to go! Some kids need more "direction" like that...heck, especially if the parent wasn't doing their job!