Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pool than Pajama Party

My kids just love the Rigg family, but our schedules rarely allow for our families to get together. Today was one of those off chance days where we were able to spend some time with each other. We went to playgroup at Clarkdale pool (and were the only two who went) it was hard to find, but it was fun when we got there. I left with the boys after an hour and a half and Emma went home with CJ. We met back up around 6:30 for a pajama party we had bacon and pancakes with juice for dinner. We were all in our pj's and just played until 9. They played so well you would've thought that all seven of them were siblings- which would make for a crazy mother! lol The husbands were off bowling with the Young Men/Young Women so we made the best of the evening. On occasion it is so great to be able to talk, laugh, and enjoy life and not stress about all the other things. Sorry no picture- had the camera ready and was just so relaxed that I didn't even think to take one. Next time you can see me in my tweety bird pj's- hehe.


Grandpas Cook said...

What a fun day. And to have breakfast for dinner. Yum. My favorite. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful time. When I called, the background noise sounded fun. You are a fun mom. Glad you got to laugh and not stress.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! That's great you could finally get your schedules to work out.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

that is SUCH a cute idea! You guys are both such fun families--so i'm sure it's extra fun when you get together! Glad you had fun at the pool--i'm surprised you were the only ones that showed up tho.