Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jabr Party and Llama Reunion

When we arrived up in West Jordan to Shiloh's Mothers home we discovered that she was going to put the family pet to sleep. So we all said good-bye to Keisha and she left, while she was gone Shiloh and I decided we would surprise her and move the couch in her garage down to the basement (the RC Willey delivery guys refused to do it.) After nearly killing ourselves and putting a giant hole in her wall we decided that we were not helping the situation. After apologizing we ended up taking the basement window out and bringing the couch through the window which worked well. On Friday I went with Marci to water aerobics and nearly killed myself. I realized how uncoordinated I am and how much you hurt afterwards, but like most exercising you feel great when it's over. We then went with Shiloh's sister Angela and her daughter Maya to watch Wall-e, Grandma took Ryan shopping and had a blast. We all loved it!!! We had a big BBQ with family that night, and Shiloh took Emma and Sean to watch fireworks with Angela and Maya. On Saturday we had the Llama reunion. (How do I describe the LLAMAS. Imagine a big group of immature BYU freshmen boys at the dorms, who have remained very close friends for 14 years. They live all over the country and have a loyalty and friendship that some girls would envy. It's an awesome support group- they have all turned out to be lawyers or doctors/dentists or professors. Ask Shiloh how they named their group the llamas.) Shiloh started the day with a round of golf with the guys in Farmington and I took the kids to see Knickers (Hana's horse) and then I brought the kids up for the luncheon and get together. I was excited to see a bunch of the wives again with all their kids! Around 4 all the kids started breaking down and when your outnumbered the party ends pretty quick. We went back to grandma Jabr's house and visited for the rest of the evening.

Seans new birthday outfits (Emma is modeling one too)

July 4th BBQ Sorry there aren't many pictures

We woke up early on Sunday drove to American Fork to pick up snacks and say goodbye and then we drove home. It was an awesome and relaxing vacation! I loved it!!


Grandpas Cook said...

Tell Llama boy we are sorry we forgot to get him a new llama shirt this year. Glad you had a good vacation.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVE those dress-up outfits for your kids, and the story about the hole in the wall made me laugh. You guys are so nice to try & help her out though. Oh, and at first I thought 'Llama' was the last name of some of your family up the Llama family reunion, and I thought "wow, I've NEVER heard that last name before!" Sounds like a fun group!