Monday, September 8, 2008

Phoenix Fun

Last week Shiloh had to attend an Education Law Seminar down in Phoenix on Thur, Fri, and Sat. He was staying at a Residence Inn by Marriott next to the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale. We decided that we would go and join him, although we had a lot more fun than he did. When Emma got out of school of Thur. we drove down to Anthem and did a little shopping then went and picked up Shiloh and we went to the FOX SPORTS GRILL . It is located in a huge awesome sports area called the Westgate next to the Cardinals stadium, complete with a water fountain show. It almost has a Las Vegas/Sporty feel. It was so cool, we walked around for awhile afterwards and then went back to our room and played with glowsticks in the dark.
On Friday Shiloh left before 8:00, and we headed off to the Phoenix Zoo where we sweated in 107 degree heat for a few hours. Afterwards we went to the Southwest Mesa Museum of Natural History and looked at a huge dinosaur exhibit, and got to pan for some gold. The part the kids were most excited about was the PSI or Poop Scene Investigation. It was a whole floor dedicated to poop, dino poop, animal poop, and our poop. There were toilet seats on the walls with questions on the lids, then you lifted the seat to see the answer. I learned all sorts of fasinating stuff about poo. Why it sometimes floats, why ours is dark and birds is white, who makes the most, the biggest, the smelliest. We even got to play with fake crap. Unbelievable! The kids loved it, and I was excited to in an air conditioned building. We then went back to our room where we met up with Shiloh and went swimming, before we hit the hay.
On Saturday Shiloh and the boys left to go home to watch the BYU game, while Emma and I did a little more shopping. I had a few gift cards to use up (one I have had since Christmas.) We also ate at Olive Garden, it was a fun time together as the girls. One that Emma and I will both remember. I am sad that I missed the first 3 quarters of the game, but it was worth it to me.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I love that you have shopping trips with Emma. I am just curious about this poop thing...who makes the smelliest? haha

allison said...

the poop exhibit sounds like a riot! dr. oz has done a few things on oprah about it... very interesting stuff. things you should know since you are always doing it or seeing it somewhere.