Saturday, May 17, 2008

Emma's 5th Birthday

Well it's official when Emma woke up this morning she stated, "I'm 5 and that means I'm smart and I can drive." Wow- they sure grow up fast. Emma, Sean and Shiloh spent the night in the tent in our backyard (it was suppose to be the Father and Sons outing but it didn't work out and so they had it in our backyard.) When they came in the house Emma found her bike and presents waiting for her. The cute hop and skip put a smile on our faces. She spent the day enjoying gifts and playing. At 2:30 we had her friend birthday party. We played water races and water balloon toss, then we decorated our own individual cakes. At this point I realized that the party was going to have to be moved into the house because the temperature had just hit over 100 degrees and their poor red faces were sad to look at. Amazing because on Monday there was snow on the mountains behind us. After cleaning everyone up and giving them something to drink we opened gifts, sang, and handed out thank you bags. We then just hung out in the air conditioned house and played for the last 20 minutes. It was such a fun time to see Emma interact with her friends. After the party and the clean up we made Emma her birthday meal- she choose "steak and corn on the cob." CRAZY- what 5 year old picks that for their meal. It was a wonderful day and I want to THANK everyone who participated and called- it really made her day a special one!
The much anticipated bike!
The loot
The water bucket game

Making of the cakes!

The birthday cake- Strawberry of course!

Learning to ride her first real bike
Emma and her father goofing off before going to bed!
Happy Birthday Emma
We sure Love you!


Grandpas Cook said...

What a cutie. Thanks for sharing her special day.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Emma! What a cute girl! I'm glad she had such a fun birthday and it looks like she really enjoys her bike. I seriously can't believe she is 5 already-and can drive! :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

awww cute! she is growing up so fast! My girls loved the party--thanks, and once again your cake making/decorating skills are PHENOMENAL! =)

The Gordon Bunch said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emma! I can't believe you'll be starting the big K! Congratulations!

Cams said...

That picture of her is adorable! Did you take it? Glad Emma had a fun birthday.