Sunday, May 25, 2008

Play Time at our Home

These are just some random photo's that I have taken recently!
This first one is of Emma dressing up Sean as a princess which he just loved.

This was an outfit borrowed from Landon Rigg that Sean fell in love with!

We decided to make cars one day and these are the finished products.
Ryans is a school bus, Seans is an Ambulance, and Emmas is a police car.
Notice that Sean is still wearing Landon's outfit.

Pretending that he is in a spaceship and being attacked by Darth Vader.

Brotherly Love!

Seans recent favorite outfit is the cowboy boots and hat, with the sword tucked into his shirt or pajama's in the back


Michelle said...

So can we guess who loves to play dress up? Sean is too cute in his outfits! My favorite is the sword down his pajamas. I have to say those cars are the cutest! You are the most creative mom!

Grandpas Cook said...

These are the times that lasting memories are made of. Keep up the good work and fun.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Those are the cutest kid pictures. Im not gonna lie your, kids are cute. I have to admit I HAVE seen that racing outfit first hand on Sean in PUBLIC!! He is my favorite 'love to dress up' boy!
BTW-Thanx for the pictures of Sterling POUNDING the icing!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

HOW FUN! I wanna play at your house! =)