Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mountain View Preschool

Back in August Emma started preschool at Mountain View Preschool at the local Methodist Church. It has been a wonderful year! She has learned patience and how to interact with others, as well as educational knowledge. She made quite a lot of friends in her class, and it amazes me that by the age of 4 personalities are so far developed. Tonight she had her end of the year party at Ms. Pandi's home, here she is getting her end of the year scrapbook by Ms. Joni. It contains pictures and information on Emma as she progressed throughout the year. It will be a true treasure.
Her teachers Ms. Joni, Ms. Pandi, and Ms. Erika Emma and Cassidy (a good friend) Emma at her school
Playing outside at her school on her special day Making sure we get everything out of her cubby A thankful hug- Thanks MVP!


Grandpas Cook said...

Emma, you are such a cutie. I'm glad you liked pre-school. Kindergarten will be even better.
Love you bunches,
Grandma Conder

Michelle said...

Way to go Emma! Sounds like you had a really fun year at pre-school! I bet you can't wait for kindergarten!