Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today was a fun day! We played all morning, made cakes in the afternoon, and then went trick or treating in the evening. We started in Old Town and did the rounds with the businesses, and then we went Trunk-or-treat at the church. At the church we also had a cake walk, free hot dogs and root beer, face painting, hayrides, fish pond, and doughnut eating on a string. We saw a bunch of friends, handed out a ton of candy, and wore ourselves out. The kids were exhausted and went to bed a little after 8.
Emma insisted this year that she didn't want to be anything girly. So she choose to be Captain Rex- a storm trooper from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She did get a lot of complements with the accompanying giggle. It was cute to watch her act her part.Here is a picture of Emma and Riley (vampire.) They are the best of friends right now and two peas in a pod! Those are his two sisters next to Sean.
Sean wanted to be a Knight, and we did buy the outfit. He changed his mind at the last minute and decided to go as Batman, without the mask because it broke a month ago and was thrown away. It's probably good he went as Batman, because the knight outfit was too small (yet cute.)
Ryan was superman! Very fitting for his attitude and he looked great in it. He was all smiles tonight, and only got scared at one outfit- a dinosaur. When he get too tired he turns silly and all smiles. He had everyone in stitches!
After we had gone around the church and had food and played games, we went back to our car. Here Emma and Sean took turns handing out the candy to all the trick-or-treaters. They had a blast. Usually I decorate our car really cute with lights and pumpkins and such- but I forgot this year. Ooops- oh well!
Here's me-goofing off for the camera and my hubby! I still love the outfit, and wish I had more reasons to wear it. It was a very warm night, the last few years it's been cool enough to need a jacket, but this year it was pretty warm (I even saw a baby crawling around in just a diaper.) The one thing that I have learned with poodle skirts is that they keep you unusually warm. In the old movies when they are in the convertibles and the men were wearing jackets and the girls were always wearing short sleeve shirts- I had thought they must be cold or why aren't the men sharing. I now know it is because the girls were wearing natural heaters.
As we got ready to go we buckled up the kids and they immediately reached for the candy. YummY!!
Here are what my cakes turned out to look like. I made 5 cute couples, and I hope nobody realized that I forgot the eyebrows and lashes on the girl- good grief where is my brain.
Here is the table with my couples on display.
By the way these are the cakes I made last week- I can now say that I made 20 cakes in one week. - ha ha Although they were small- it was enjoyable. Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Halloween! Your cakes turned out very cute as usual and your kids outfits were great! I'm glad everyone had such a fun time....enjoy the candy! :)

Grandpas Cook said...

Everyone looks great. Looks like Halloween was a hit. Love the cakes. Twenty cakes are a lot. Good job. What's your next project?

kj said...

Your cakes are amazing! Emma is the cutest storm trooper ever. What fun. Can I borrow some of your energy?

Trezise Momma said...

Cute kids and cakes! I think it is great that Emma didn't want to be anything "girlie" and stuck to it! I love that girl!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Of course you do it all!! I will forward the kids at Halloween! LOVE your cakes and kids (and dang cute outfit) like crazy!!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

You guys all looked so cute!! Your cake decorating skills are awesome--make sure you do that as a YW activity sometime. =)